Pardus Underwriting has selected Markit Systems to provide the technology platform to manage its business development over the next five years.

Commenting on the appointment;

Keith Thompson (CEO – Pardus) “Today technology needs to be embedded in the business process.  In the past we suffered from not being able to achieve this. In Markit Systems we selected a partner that not only understood this but were capable of configuring their technology to meet our requirements. We now have everything in a single platform”

Darren Stockman (CUO – Pardus) “ We needed a technology solution which we could not only implement quickly but would also be flexible to our growing business.  From everything we have seen so far we are delighted with both the functionality of Markit Core and the team that have worked with us to deliver a Platform in a very short time.”

Simon Turner (Chairman – Markit Systems) commenting on the appointment.  “It’s always exciting to add a new client to our portfolio. In respect of Pardus we are particularly excited. We know the commercial market Pardus is targeting will benefit from the introduction of our class leading technology. It can play a key role in both securing distribution and improving overall operational efficiency.

Malcolm McLean (CTO – Markit Systems) commenting on the platform already delivered. “We’ve managed to configure a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which now allows Pardus to both underwrite and administer risks on a single platform. Key benefits being the need not to re-key information, saving time and improving efficiencies”

Markit Systems will work with the Pardus team on continuous enhancements and discuss how adding bespoke functionality can further improve the effectiveness of the platform as the business grows.


About Markit Systems:

Markit Systems was created through a partnership of respected ex-MGA Managers, Holly Bellingham and Simon Turner and digital insurance experts and entrepreneurs, Malcolm McLean and Nicholas Thurlow. All of whom have had first-hand experience in the role technology can play in building and supporting successful insurance businesses.

Since its formation in 2014 the business has continued to build a team of exceptional talent, priding itself on understanding the complexities and peculiarities of the delegated authority world as well as embracing the latest advances and application of digital technology.

Markit Systems has found this combination of expertise serves its clients extremely well when interpreting requirements and delivering on time and to budget.

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