Pardus Underwriting Limited (Pardus) has secured a Binding Authority with Accelerant Insurance Europe SA (‘Accelerant’) enabling us to provide wide ranging insurance products for UK business. This signals the start of a business arrangement with a strong and innovative insurance partner, cemented with the signing of a Long-Term Agreement for an initial five-year period. It […]


Pardus Underwriting Technology

Pardus Underwriting has selected Markit Systems to provide the technology platform to manage its business development over the next five years. Commenting on the appointment; Keith Thompson (CEO – Pardus) “Today technology needs to be embedded in the business process.  In the past we suffered from not being able to achieve this. In Markit Systems […]


Pardus Underwriting

Welcome to our new PARDUS Underwriting website – we hope you like it! We have redesigned our site to help make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, and to give you more information on the insurance services we can offer you. As well as including more useful information, our site now […]